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Need an easier way to find clients?

How about a clear roadmap to business growth?

I'm Michael Helmke. I help coaches, consultants, and business owners achieve growth and success. I'll show you how to fill your workshops, find new clients, and achieve the success you've been working so hard for.

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The Manifesto

The Digital Concierge is about recognizing the value of clients and partnerships, being remembered by your best customers, and growing your business through measurable results. Success through The Digital Concierge is delivered through following these three principles:

Treat Your Customers as Partners.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Always treat them like they are a vital part of your business, as you would with any business partner.

Being remembered is key.

If you were forgotten, how could you do business? The more your audience and customers remember you, the more success will come your way.

Focus on measurable results.

It's easy to spend on marketing without knowing if the effort is worth it. You need to know if your marketing is giving you a positive result.

Available Services

Increase Workshop and Event Attendance

If you've got a great presentation and have trouble getting people to show up you aren't alone. Whether it's scaling up to reach more people or matching the right message to the most engaged audience, you've got to get it all right to have a successful event.

Attract More Clients

If you have a product or service that genuinely helps people, it's frustrating when you can't reach that audience to help them get results. The good news is it really is possible to magnetically attract more customers. You simply need the right strategy.

Ready for too many leads and meetings to become a problem?

Email Mastery

What if your best clients looked forward to hearing your sales messages on a regular basis?

Done right, this is what email does for you. Regularly mailing your list with the right mixture of entertainment and value can provide a big boost to your business.

Coaching and copywriting services available.

Landing Pages and Digital Marketing

Whether selling a product or promoting a new event, directing traffic to a sales focused landing page is a must. Of course, that page needs to lead somewhere: a payment or opt-in form.

Landing pages deliver a focused message to your ideal client: your sales offer. It's like the sales rep who never sleeps.

Website Refresh

Most businesses have had at least one website, sometimes several.
Why? Needs change and web designers can be miserable to work with. Or maybe the original website you built yourself has gotten too complicated.

What most designers won't tell you is it's a lot less expensive to re-design an existing website than to build the first one from scratch.

Website refreshes and redesigns can be completed much faster than a full re-build. Plus all of your existing website problems get fixed.

Business Strategy

Often what you need won't fit in a box.  You need a plan.  You need a roadmap.  You need help making the forward progress you can feel just around the corner.

Call me.  Let's chat.

Help for When You're Stuck

You have the passion and the skill but something is holding you back.  You know you can help your clients and customers, but you need more of them.  Sign up below to get tips and strategy to get yourself unstuck.

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