At Your Service...

A good concierge, such as at the Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons, can find hard to get restaurant reservations or make a spa appointment, book transportation, advise on a hot night spot, or assist with luggage or package deliveries. Basically the concierge has expertise in knowing how to make your life easier and make your stay effortless.

I'm Michael Helmke, "The Digital Concierge" and I think you need a concierge in your business just as much as when you are checking in at The Continental Hotel.

As the Digital Concierge, I take care of many things for my clients. From advising on email marketing, social media, and web hosting platforms, to building sales funnels, and automated marketing systems, to writing sales and landing pages.

I look for clients who need help with their business and want a trusted partner for advice and getting things done. Ideally, you have experience in your business, are making money, and have achievable medium to long term goals. I can help make those goals and dreams a reality.

Most important, you have integrity in your business. You are fair and honest in what you are selling.  I feel the same way.

Michael Helmke - The Digital Concierge

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