All the Email Topics You’ll Ever Need

A common question when I’m talking to people about email marketing is how do you get ideas for what to write.

This isn’t always a spoken question, by the way.

When I mention I write this list 3 times a week, I can see it on people’s faces. A mix of awe and fear and thinking I must be crazy.

There are a lot of ways to come up with ideas for what to write in your emails. It works for blogs as well, by the way. For this email, I’m breaking it down into 5 different areas.

Understand these 5 areas and you should be set for a long time. Here we go…

  1. Answer a Common Customer Question. Your customers always have questions. Whether it is about your specific product or service, a question about your industry or related problem they have, or even a common objection you may hear about why not to use your kind of product or service.
  2. Offer a Tip Solving a Customer Pain Point. You aren’t necessarily going to solve problems that your product does. But there are always steps your customer needs to take prior to being best suited for your product. Maybe they need to know how to grow their email list or the basics of what to write to their list? You can write about that.
  3. Storytelling. There’s always a way to take a story and relate it to your product / service or an offer you are making. Something that happened to you, something you read, a movie you saw. Effective storytelling can take you a long way with email marketing (and blogging, too).
  4. Write About Industry News or Gossip. Share something surprising, interesting, or funny about your business world.
  5. Rant About Industry Trends You Are Against. This might seem counter intuitive. See, when you are building a tribe of followers and fans, they want you to be for something. That’s part of why they follow you. They want you to share your viewpoint. And part of being for something is that you are against other things. Write about that difference. Make it clear what you’re against. Even when that excludes people. Trust me, folks you exclude weren’t going to want to work with you anyway. Why? Because they don’t share your values.

As I said, there are a lot of ways to break down content writing but these will get you started.

Now make a list of topics and start writing!