The Digital Concierge Manifesto

The Digital Concierge Manifesto

I believe there are three principles which guide almost all business success. These have evolved from my work helping clients grow their businesses as well as how I’ve built my own business. Fundamentally, they are the principles upon which The Digital Concierge is built. Principle #1: Treat Your Customers Like Partners In most businesses, without customers or clients, you cease to exist. Yet many businesses don’t give customers the respect they deserve. The Digital Concierge …

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Email Open Rates Reimagined

Of the common ways email marketing success is measured, open rates may be the most misused and misunderstood.The email “open rate” is the percent of your email list that opens an email newsletter you send.Enter your text here…Limits of the Open RateMarketers often cite email open rates as a success metric for email marketing campaigns.This is limiting at best.An email that gets opened isn’t necessarily read.The open rate can really only measure the success of …

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One Important Question You Need to Ask Your Customers

People are funny: they believe what others say about you much more than what you yourself say. Quick example: You might talk about how easy you are to work with on your website. This will get a lot less attention than a quote from “Bill from Sacramento” saying “Fred did a great job. He was really easy to work with”. This is why Yelp and other online reviews have so much power over your business. …

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Email Unsubscribes

Article Title: What Everyone Ought to Know About Email Unsubscribes

If you have an email list, it’s inevitable you’re going to get unsubscribes. Maybe people signed up just to get your Lead Magnet. Or maybe they found they didn’t like what you were emailing about. Maybe they got offended by something you said. What do you do? I know what I do. I smile and am pleased. See, I know that as long as it’s only a slow trickle of unsubscribes, all is well. (If …

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Why Your Business Might be Stalled

I’m realizing there’s a lot of businesses that are basically stuck. And all it takes is a simple change to your business and you could be making a lot more money.  Read on… Bob the Business Coach has a good number of regular clients and he still goes to a lot of events to prospect for new leads.  With all the networking and other events, finding new clients is taking up a lot of his time. …

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