It’s Like Your Own Private Talk Show…

Let’s say you’ve decided to really get serious about email marketing.

You want to keep in touch with your audience. You want to let them know what is going on with your company, or products, or services, or life. And you want to see if they are interested in buying from you.

There are lots of ways to structure your emails. Do you do a newsletter format? Or one that looks more personal and text based like on my list? Something in between? How important is branding?

All good questions.

To me, the most important things are to keep the emails personal and don’t worry about perfection.

Think about it like a late night talk show.

Here’s what I mean by that…

Talk shows have a pretty standard format. There is a host, a band, guests, a monologue, skits, interviews, etc. These days you generally know what you are getting when you sit down to watch one.

Over time, if you enjoy one in particular, you begin to feel a connection with the show, the host, everything. There is a style to the show. A rhythm.

And sometimes things don’t work out they way they planned or an anticipated guest turns out to be a bore. There is always tomorrow night’s show.

Your email list is the same way.

You write to it regularly so people know when to expect you.

You follow a consistent format and theme. Maybe you always tell a story at the beginning. Maybe you always make a sales offer (you should).

Because you’re writing regularly, you don’t need to worry about perfection with each email. Just like not every talk show episode is the most thrilling, not every email has to be the best. Strive for high and consistent quality but don’t stress out if it isn’t always there. That is what the next email is for.

And keep the emails light. I have a temptation to teach all the time and that can get intense. If people want serious, they’ll buy your online course…

So experiment, have fun, and keep to a regular schedule.

Till next time…

Michael Helmke
The Digital Concierge

2 thoughts on “It’s Like Your Own Private Talk Show…”

  1. Thank you Michael. Very good tips. Consistency is probably the biggest issue for me. I’m sure I could write interestingly enough, but only on days I felt like it.

    • I’ve definitely been there. That’s where knowing your audience really helps. I keep a cheat sheet of topics of interest so when I get stuck, I can refer back to that for ideas.

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