That Time Facebook Went Down…

While I’m writing this, a few days ago, Facebook has been down most of the day.

Some times it seems to work except comments will get rejected. Or pages will show up partially blank. Or other weirdness.

Instagram is also down. Facebook owns Instagram and I imagine operates it out of the same data centers as FB.

If your business runs on Facebook or Instagram through pages or advertising or bots or whatever, this is a big deal. The Kardashian-Jenner empire probably lost a sizable chunk of $$$$$ today as a result.

How much of *your* business is based around Facebook? Hopefully it isn’t your only source of leads or customers.

Hopefully you have:

  • Your own website (like
    Email on the same domain as your website (like
    An email list through which you can email your past customers
  • These are all things you can own and control independent of failures at the giant companies that run the social networks.

And if eventually Facebook goes away for good, there will be other opportunities both online and in the real world to find customers. Since human psychology has not changed in the last 100 years, the same fundamental approaches to getting customers and doing business will keep working.

Even when Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or SnapChat or MySpace are down…

Till Next Time…