The Digital Concierge Manifesto

I believe there are three principles which guide almost all business success. These have evolved from my work helping clients grow their businesses as well as how I’ve built my own business.

Fundamentally, they are the principles upon which The Digital Concierge is built.

Principle #1: Treat Your Customers Like Partners

In most businesses, without customers or clients, you cease to exist.

Yet many businesses don’t give customers the respect they deserve.

The Digital Concierge believes it is vital to treat customers as you would want to be treated: As an essential partner.

Principle #2: Being Remembered is Key

We live in an ever more distracting and chaotic world.

Our customers and prospects have uncountable choices they can make.

To succeed in helping them, they must remember us.

Promoting simple and effective strategies to get remembered is a key part of The Digital Concierge’s business strategy.

Principle #3: Focus on Measurable Results

The old business adage is:

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Yet it can be hard to know what to measure and equally hard to interpret the results.

Any marketing strategy needs to be measured, otherwise the amount invested and the ultimate result cannot be compared and considered.

The Digital Concierge strives to continuously improve business and marketing strategies by measuring, reviewing, and improving.

These principles are the foundation for all business strategy and decisions within The Digital Concierge.