The Riches Under Your Nose

Isn’t found money the best?

It hasn’t happened often but I have vivid memories of when it has fallen into my lap.

I was a little kid cleaning my room and found $20 in a past birthday card under a stack of books.

I was somewhat older and found the small stash of cash I had carried as a reserve during an overseas trip. (I wanted to make sure I could buy my way home if I needed to. Yeah, it’s a long story).

It’s an exciting feeling.

Metaphorically, you may have the equivalent of found money lurking in your business. Where?

Past clients.

Your current and past clients can be a huge untapped resource for additional business. And often they are right there, just waiting to be asked.

Do they know anyone else who needs services like yours?

Do they need any additional services or products that you are now selling?

Did you collect a testimonial from them already about how much they liked the work you did?

Just ask them. If you did your job right the first time, they like you and more often than not would like to help.

Of course, if you aren’t regularly mailing your clients then suddenly asking them a bunch of questions might surprise them. But that’s what email lists are for. Building relationships and staying in contact.

Wish them happy birthday. Regularly reach out to them to share interesting news and stories and find out how they are doing.

If you keep the relationships going, you can keep getting business. And you will keep finding additional riches under the metaphorical couch.