The Top 5 Tools When You are Bad at Making Art

I grew up long before social media as we know it was invented. I’m also not very artistically inclined.

As a result, this modern expectation that we business owners can all do art and produce amazing social media is pretty daunting. And if anyone ever asked me to be an Instagram Husband, I might just check myself into the loonie bin.

(Yes, “Instagram Husband” is a thing. There is an article about that in The Atlantic recently. Search for “The Art of Being an Instagram Husband”.)

Over the years I’ve found tools that help me cope with my limitations and which may help you as well. Without further ado, I present:

The Digital Concierge’s Top 5 Tools When You are Bad at Making Art

1. – This is a free stock photo site. You go there, search for photos by keyword, download and you can use them without restrictions, commercial or otherwise. Use them as a website background, brochure texture, whatever.

2. – This is another free stock photo site. See #1 for details.

3. – Besides being bad at art, I have no sense of what colors look good together. This site makes random color palettes for you. It lets you lock-in colors you like. It finds complementary shades and hues (something my girlfriend tells me is important). It’s great when you are looking for a new color look and don’t know where to start

4. Social Media Cheat Sheets РThis is a document that lists the image sizes for ALL social media platforms. You want to know the size of the profile pic on twitter vs FB? The banner size on your YouTube channel? This lists all of them. It is important that your image sizes match what the different platforms ask for, otherwise your pictures will be blurry or look bad. I refer to this surprisingly often.

5. – Canva is a web tool that makes fancy graphics for you. It is amazing. It’s like having your own graphic designer robot makes social media and other graphics for you. It will definitely make you look much more talented than I am. The free version lets you create graphics sized for all of the usual social media sites with a limited amount of content. The paid version ($120/year or $13/month) gives you an enormous collection of content, saved color palettes for different brands, and the ability to resize your layouts. If you are doing your own social media for business, I HIGHLY recommend this.

I guarantee if you bring these 5 things into your arsenal, you’ll improve your graphics for social media or anything else you need.

If you have any other favorite free or low cost tools, comment below and I’ll update the list.