What Everyone Ought to Know About Email Unsubscribes

If you have an email list, it’s inevitable you’re going to get unsubscribes.

Maybe people signed up just to get your Lead Magnet. Or maybe they found they didn’t like what you were emailing about. Maybe they got offended by something you said.

What do you do?

I know what I do. I smile and am pleased.

See, I know that as long as it’s only a slow trickle of unsubscribes, all is well. (If all of you suddenly left, I’d need to re-think my strategy.)

But every time I get a singleton removing themselves from the list, even if it’s someone I personally know, I’m pleased. They have their reasons. And whatever the reason is, it’s because they weren’t getting enough value or didn’t like something about me or what I’m selling. And that’s fine.

I don’t want to waste your time. I only want to be writing to people who really want to be here. People who resonate with what I’m saying and can relate to my stories. And people who eventually will need the services I offer my clients.

You should treat your own email list the same way. You should be selective in who you write to. You shouldn’t try to please everybody. In fact, you should be polarizing from time to time. Show personality. Make it clear who is your ideal customer by the stories you tell and how you write them.

Plus, larger email lists cost more. All of the email service providers like MailChimp, Drip, and MailerLite charge by the number of subscribers. If you have a really big list with a low open rate, it’s a costly problem.

So keep your email list size under control by writing directly at your specific ideal customer. Don’t be afraid to make people uncomfortable who are outside that range. And remember, the unsubscribes save you money.