Why Your Business Might be Stalled

I’m realizing there’s a lot of businesses that are basically stuck.

And all it takes is a simple change to your business and you could be making a lot more money.  Read on…

Bob the Business Coach has a good number of regular clients and he still goes to a lot of events to prospect for new leads.  With all the networking and other events, finding new clients is taking up a lot of his time.

This grind of looking for clients one at a time is feeling harder and harder.  And not like it’s a good use of his time.

He’s been thinking of putting on a workshop. Bob figures he can give a good sample of his coaching to a bigger audience and close a couple of clients in his followup after the workshop.

He’ll charge a lower $$$ cost per person than his hourly coaching rate to draw in more people.  Bob is building an outline for the presentation and he’s price shopping hotel conference rooms for the event.

Since there’s no time like the present, Bob plans on having the workshop next month.  The trick is how to easily find a bunch of people to attend…

He has a small email list he send to whenever he has a new blog post.  Bob also posts links to his blog on his social media.  His list is made up of past clients and the occasional website visitor who signs up after reading his latest post.

He figures the best option is to email out to his list about the upcoming workshop.

He writes an email that looks like this:

Subject: My new workshop is coming next month!!!


I wanted to share something I’ve been working on. I’m going to be teaching a workshop next month. It will be a great way for any new business owners to find out how to get help from me with their business and what sort of coaching services I provide.

The workshop will be from 9am to 2pm on Saturday, October 12th. I’m reserving conference space at the Hyatt Doubletree Express over on Oak Ave and lunch will be included. Admission will be $89 per person.

Have a great rest of your week!
Bob the Business Coach

Bob pushed send and waited for the reservations to start rolling in.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned…

He got several unsubscribes from his list, three people emailing back angry that he was selling them something, and no signups after four days.

Are you surprised by what happened?

I’ve seen this series of events many times now, talking to different business owners. Here are the issues I see:

  • Bob had never made a sales offer in his email before. He surprised his list. And his email was basically a hard sell, which is another problem.
  • The email was focused entirely on him and what he was doing. He didn’t give his audience any reason to care about what he was writing.
  • The first two are the big problems, but Bob also didn’t have any real Call to Action (CTA). He said something was happening and didn’t give his audience any clue what they should do next. I think he was hoping people would be so excited they would email him back asking for more. Poor Bob…

The good news is, there are some simple fixes to these problems. And if you make those fixes, you’ll start building an audience that not only wants to hear from you, they’ll want to buy from you.

That’s coming in the next part… Stay Tuned!